At ADVANTAGE, all inhabitants are liar; but not all the
time. Males speak the truth in the morning and lie in the
afternoon. Females lie in the morning and speak the truth in
the afternoon. Three inhabitants are asked the time of day.
Two are female and one is male. They respond as follow:

A. If asked, B would claim it is morning.
B. If asked, C would claim it is morning.
C. If asked, A would claim it is afternoon.

Is it morning or afternoon? What is the gender of each

At ADVANTAGE, all inhabitants are liar; but not all the time. Males speak the truth in the morning ..

Answer / anonymous

It is afternoon.
A and C are female; B is male.

See for yourself:
This means that A and C are telling the truth, so 1. "B will claim it is morning" and 2."A would claim it is afternoon".
B is male, and he is lying, so 3. "C would claim it is morning" should be false.

1. B is male and it is the afternoon, so he is lying when he says it is morning - thus it is the afternoon.

2. A would claim it is afternoon, which is right. A tells the truth and it is afternoon.

3. C, a truth teller, would claim it is afternoon not morning, so the statement is false which holds with B's afternoon lying habit.

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