Four friends - Arjan, Bhuvan, Guran and Lakha were
comparing the number of sheep that they owned.

It was found that Guran had ten more sheep than Lakha.

If Arjan gave one-third to Bhuvan, and Bhuvan gave a
quarter of what he then held to Guran, who then passed on a
fifth of his holding to Lakha, they would all have an equal
number of sheep.

How many sheep did each of them possess? Give the minimal
possible answer

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Four friends - Arjan, Bhuvan, Guran and Lakha were comparing the number of sheep that they owned. ..

Answer / raidya

Arjan, Bhuvan, Guran and Lakha had 90, 50, 55 and 45 sheep respectively.
Assume that Arjan, Bhuvan, Guran and Lakha had A, B, G and L sheep respectively. As it is
given that at the end each would have an equal number of sheep, comparing the final numbers
from the above table.
Arjan's sheep = Bhuvan's sheep
2A/3 = A/4 + 3B/4
8A = 3A + 9B
5A = 9B
Arjan's sheep = Guran's sheep
2A/3 = A/15 + B/5 + 4G/5
2A/3 = A/15 + A/9 + 4G/5 (as B=5A/9)
30A = 3A + 5A + 36G
22A = 36G
11A = 18G
Arjan's sheep = Lakha's sheep
2A/3 = A/60 + B/20 + G/5 + L
2A/3 = A/60 + A/36 + 11A/90 + L (as B=5A/9 and G=11A/18)
2A/3 = A/6 + L
A/2 = L
A = 2L
Also, it is given that Guran had ten more sheep than Lakha.
G = L + 10
11A/18 = A/2 + 10
A/9 = 10
A = 90 sheep
Thus, Arjan had 90 sheep, Bhuvan had 5A/9 i.e. 50 sheep, Guran had 11A/18 i.e. 55 sheep and
Lakha had A/2 i.e. 45 sheep.

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Four friends - Arjan, Bhuvan, Guran and Lakha were comparing the number of sheep that they owned. ..

Answer / ranjith naidu

let us consider each of them have x sheep
guran now has 10 more than lakha=10+x
and arjun gave 1/3rd to bhuvan
that is bhuvan have sheep=1/3x+x
another condition is
all of them have equl sheep
then equalise above two equtions
then x=30.

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