How can u handle an irated customer?

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / tenzin sungkhey

Use the L.E.A.N. method.

1. Listen - Will help the customer vent out, you will get
more information by listening, will buy u more time to
think about the problem while the customer is going on

2. Empathize - Will help the customer feel u care and are
about to do something about it. It can also be used
effectively to stop the customer from going on talking n

3. Access (the situation) - U shud be the one in charge of
the situation/call. Asking questions is the best way to
gauge customer interest & cooperation. U also get more
knowledge on solving the problem by asking more questions.

4. Negotiate - This is after gaining full understanding of
the customer's issue. In this phase, u shud give the
customer a whole preview on the issue and your solution to
it. Then you layout the options to the customer (if any),
and negotiate a valid agreement.

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / vinayak

ask him what his need.what he want from us.suggest solution
regarding his problem.speak properly while interacting with
him so that he must know he will get solution to his own

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / adilsha

Its very easy to handle to irated customer just dont think
of your AHT. and just listen to customer problem first, and
what was mistake done by our colluges listen to him first
after that try to connivance the customer in polite way, if
not and customer is genuine and there is no wrong from
customer side make sure that you will take a complaint,
regarding his query, if complaint already raised, just go
through his previous history and ask revelant question
(probe the customer) again what the problem exactly he is
facing try to ask him, as speak with customer in very polite
way, use empaty statements at the necessary situations, try
to convince him if not done try tell customer that the call
back will be arranged by the company to you for the
assistance, and provide the same information to your TL.

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / khazie'22

i'll be patient and talk to that person and ask what is his
prob. and you must be careful on talking in an irritated
cuztomer...ok? then we will solve the prob. systematically..
etc.., ;=o)

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / puran singh solanki

first of all it is very important to listen to the customer
let him think that u are really interested to solve his
problem and be polite and give simle in front of him he ll
feel comfortable and tell him that within certain time ur
problem will be solved or we ll call u back. u can also
give ur phone number n ur id so that he ll be asured that
he met right person n the problem will solved.

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / anurag agarwal

First listen the customers query that what he want then
whatever ur reversion it should be in polite or peace.

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / sunny

first we should ask to our customer which kind of things make him irritate according to the that particular problem we have to solve him

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / bhuvnesh arya

"words n words taht all i have to take your heart away". to
be a call center worker one should have following
qualities: 1. be patient. n the things will be alright.

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / arun kumar verma

first of all always u have to talk to the customer in a very polite way,then ask whats the problem he is facing,say from our side we really regret for that.listen very carefully,whats a problem he is facing.try to console them.we will definitely help him .let him speak,but don't argue with them.and whenever problem will solve again ask now everything is fine.
and in future if u face any problem ,we are always ready to help.

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How can u handle an irated customer?..

Answer / chandu

We can handle a Irate customer very easily. First we need to understand the issue first and then we need to empathize the customer regarding the issue. Once you empathize the customer then inform the Customer how frustrated and you are feeling the same. After that you need to give assurance that you can resolve the issue and then you need to roadmap the issue what exactly the issue is. If you roadmpap the issue then Customer will come to know what exactly issue is then he will get cool. Once you roadmap the issue Customer will come to know you can resolve the issue.

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