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Sutherland Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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Why TCP and IP are written all together as TCP/IP?

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How long would you stay with us?

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i have done computers,i want to go to tech support interviews,i have basic hardware knowledge,what type of questions they are asking inthis interviews,pls send me interview questions

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Given that a,b,c,d,e each represent one of the digits between 1-9 and that the following multiplication holds a b c d e 4 ---------- e d c b a What digit does e represent a) 4 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8 e) none

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tell me about yourself

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Differentiate between ROM and RAM?

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Tell me about yourself?

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why do u want to join a call centre?

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why u left the previousjob

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why do u want to join a call centre?

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find the sum of all the numbers 1 to 1000

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what is mean by 32 and 64 bit appplication

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Have you visited UK?

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Tell us about yourself.

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