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Answer / harshal

TATA ELXSI PAPER ON 15&16March (2008) at Shri Guru Gobind Singhji
Institute of Tech. Nanded

Hello Friends

I m Harshal studying B.Tech in Information Tech. in S.G.G.S.I.E.&T.
Engg. College, Nanded. On

15,16 mar.(08) Tata Elxsi conducted placement recruitment on campus. It is
our 6th company for

campus.It is an Electonics based company..But from last year it allow I.T
student. Go through its

wesite to get detailed knowledge about this company. It
allows only Electronic,

comps, I.T, & Instru.Wipro is the competitor of this company.
Nearly 100 students appeared in written test,conducted by Meritrac.
The test was 100 mins, 100

marks,100 ques.
It consists mainly 3 Rounds

1)Written test
2)Technical Interview

1)Written test consists of-----

1. Verbal: 20mins 25 que

Articles(5m), Prepositions(5m) ,Reading Passage(10m),Synonyms(5m)

2. Aptitude: 25 mins 25ques

a)There are many problem like.. + replaced by /, / replaced by -,...
b) $ represents 1, * represents 0...(Binary addition, sub. multi. for 5
c) Venn Diagram..6 questions 6 marks.
there r 3 field A,B,C total no of students r 54. A=18, A^B= 6, A^C=4, find
out values of only C & B.
& there r question
d) Cube Problem..5 questions..5 marks
A cube is given, painted with 3 color(red black,green) in opposite faces,
it cut into 2 pieces, 1

piece is cut into 4 piceses. And remaining 1piece is cut into 36 pieces.
Take 3 Cuts on length, 2

cuts on breadth,2cuts on height .then questions
1) how many cubes are there with r & b.
2) how many cubes are there with opposite side painted r & g.
3) how many cubes are there with no color. And so on.....................

Attention To Details;
this sect. is very simple one can easily solve.
Don't loose marks here.


there r two(2) seperate papers for CSE , I.T.and another for ECE
consistes of 30 qs 30

min ...........

This is little bit tough section ,for I.T. students go through all basic
concept of D.S., O.S.(PAGING

problems, difference between window & linux option was
multitasking,multiprograming,fat & ntfs

file system),netwoking, C(like a=(*)a),C++,Basic electronics (we had
question like by minizing

boolean equation what will get).
unfortunately due to bad luck i was not clear the apti. but my
friends asked questions

2)Technical int. s/w engineering based question, string program(c)

3)HR int
communication only

Refer R.S. Agrawal.
Hope so, this will help u.
Wish u all the best.

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Answer / shashidhana

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Shashikant from Hyderabad. I have 2 years experience in
DATA ENTRY (Key Punching Operator). I want to work for part.
Presently I am working in a private company as a DATA ENTRY
OPERATOR in Hyderabad. Please let me know job about in this
field. I will be very thankfull to you. My email id

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