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Answer / jayaraj iyer

Hi friends this is Jayaraj Iyer. My Written exam was on 17 Aug 06 at
Jayamukhi Inst of technology, Warangal.

15 questions to be answered in 30 min.There were nearly 8 questions of
reasoning type and remaining were of aptitude. It is enough to get 9 or 10
question correct. since most of the times the cutoff is between 7 to
10.Sometimes it is as low as 4, but these are rare cases.

To preparE R.S Aggrawal's books ArE more then enough.

In our center nearly 1171 people wrote the exam and out of them 367 were
short listed for GD.

We didn't have our GD and interview on the same day. They later informed
us through mail that it is on 2 September.

Group Discussion

On 2 September we had to attend Gd at vagdevi engineering college
warangal. We were asked to get into the seminar hall at 10 am and they
started calling people from 10:15. We were 10 members in a group.

He has given us a much easier topic "Environmental pollution". We all
agreed to it. He gave us time to write down the points and asked us to

I started the discussion and spoke for a minute. I gave my points and
politely said that I would like to have points from the others. A few of
the group members spoke then I again introduce a new point. Then again a
little discussion went on. Then I said that now we should discuss the
methods to be taken to prevent pollution and gave a few points (+pt). Few
other people also added a few points to mine. After this the hr said that
it is the time to conclude.

But nobody was listening to him and there was a war like situation so I
immediately spoke again that it's the time to conclude and let us give a
chance to the people who have not spoken to add a few points if they have
any (+pt). We had a few points then one of us concluded in the given time.
But the hr asked a few of us to conclude individually. I included all the
good points discussed by each member .

The hr then asked us to leave and wait for the results.

The results were announced at 3:00 and the short listed people were asked
to get into the seminar hall.

They gave us the standard resume of satyam consisting of all the details
including our project work.


The interview started at 4 pm. There were nearly 6 panels There was no
particular panel for technical or hr.The questions asked were random they
asked a few tech questions and then hr or as they liked.

1) So YOu have done a project. What is its title (My resume was in his
sir it is title as customer.....

2) so can YOu explain me about the project?
sir it is ........ (explained about the project for 5 min)

3) so what is the front end you used
VB sir

4) Is that Visual Basic
yes sir

5) How good are you in VB
I know the basics of VB. (with a smile)

6) what database u used in project.
Ms access sir .Since it is easy to use.

7) So what component is used in vb to link to the database?
ADO sir

8) What is ADO?
I don't exactly know sir. I said that I have just learnt the basics
and I only know that ADO is used to link to database.

9) So what controls have u used in ur project.
I used command buttons, drop down menus.......

10) so can u tell me the properties the controls?
I don't remember sir.

11) you said that you has done the project and you doesn't know about it.
sir I have done the project one and half years back and I can't
remember all the things.

12) so there is name, size (he started giving answer)
ya sir name, size, font, foreground color, background color,
datasource name etc (I immediately recollected)

13) So what you know abt databases
sir we had dbms in our btech 2 year .But I remember the basics only.

14) what
I mean that I remember the basic definitions.

15) what is a primary key?

16) what is normalization?


17) ok fine .What is ur favorite subject
Operating systems

18) your favorite OS
Window XP sir

19) What about commands
I know Unix and Dos .But i am good in dos.

20) so tell me how to copy contents of two files into a third one
using the copy command. (explained how)

21) So if I use ur logic for copying more then two files will it work?
I don't know exactly sir but I think no.

22) so what are your hobbies
singing, traveling and installing software and hardware sir

23) installing s/w and h/w so what problems you have seen
sir recently a new virus has been found which restarts the system
frequently. I have seen this problem in recent days, Besides the h/w
failure is an evergreen problem.

24) ok fine. so thank u kartik.u can leave now and wait for the results.

Total 90 members were selected at last.

Final statistics:
People attended written at warangal: 1172
People short listed for GD at warangal: 367
Total for Gd at vagdevi warangal: 663(367+296)
Total short listed for interview: 200
Finally selected: 90

Overall this was my experience at satyam interview.

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Answer / aravind


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