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1.Can we create a cube in a Transformer from multiple
IQD's ?if so, how?
2.Also , explain some of the best practises used ,while
creating a cube in powerplay transformer.

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1.Can we create a cube in a Transformer from multiple IQD's ?if so, how? 2.Also , explain so..

Answer / guest

yes we can create cube from multiple iqd's , we have to
first import the primary datasource which contains most of
the structural data item required for the cube creation,
and then other sources,by inserting the data source
Good practises:
1. we can incrementally update the cube.
2.check the cube status periodically the test cube with a small amount of, if you
have 1000 records , we can assign 300 records from each
data source and perform a sample test cube.
4.we can do partition, to improve the runtime performance.

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1.Can we create a cube in a Transformer from multiple IQD's ?if so, how? 2.Also , explain so..

Answer / vijaya yadav

yes we can create a cube with multiple IDQ's as data
sources,for this insert data source of tyye Impromptu Query
Definition in Transformer model.
afer creating a cube u can---
1)Partition a cube
2)Update a selected cube by batch file or by macro
3)Apply security to a cube
4)Compress a cube.
5)Publish that cube on Upfront.
6)Use that cube as DataSource in FM in Cognos Series 8

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