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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen.

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / madhavan

Test Case for PEN:
1)Check whether the pen can write continuously
2)Check for Color of ink
3)Check for pen grip
4)Check for pen length
5)Check for refill length
6)Check for Refill point diameter
7)Check for pen weight
8)Check for pen material
9)Check for pen cap remove/close easily
10)Check for stress while writing

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / rakesh singh

Telephone :
I am assuming that its a normal telephone where user can
just make call and receive the call.

Functionality :

All are pri0 tests :
1. Verify you can switch on the phone.
2. Verify if the phone is receiving provider signal.
3. Verify if the phone has dial tone
4a. Verify the key pads are working as expected.
4b. Verify that you can make a local phone call.
5. Verify you can receive a call.
6. Verify you can you talk and hear the voice over the phone
7. Verify the dimension and weight of the phone.
8. Verify you can recharge the phone battery.
9. Verify phone does not get heated to abnormal temp.
10. Verify phone does not give any electric shock.


1. Verify that pen writes smoothly over paper.
2. Verify the size and weight of the pen.
3. Verify the pen does not bloat the ink on the paper or on
4. Verify the ink of the pen is water soluble, this is
important from end user prespective.
5. Verify that the refill point does not break under normal
stress by hand during writing.
6. Verify the ink does not dry under normal temp or bloat
under higher temperatue.
7. Verify how long the refill can write.
8.Verify the grip of the pen.
9. Verify the cap or clip of the pen.
10. Verify the pen and refill material is not injurious to

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / sara

1.check whether the phone is working or not
2.Apply boundary value Ana
enter 9 number
3. enter 10 number
4. enter 11 number
5. Apply equ class partition
enter valid number
6. enter invalid number
7. apply error guessing
enter correct number
8. Press Redial button
9. check Phone stress
10. Check for phone color as per the req

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / raghu

Check for the availability of Reciever.
Check whether the receiver is connected to Telephone
Check whether the receiver has both phases one is to hear
an other is to talk.
Check whether the telephone contains the dailing no's from
1 to 10
Check for the telephone wiring is perfectly atttested that
connects to the telephone signals.
Dail valid phone no's as per the VALID phone no given in
the table(give some valid no's)
Dail invalid no's and check whether the line is connected
or not
Check for the Ring tone tuner which i sused to adjust
Check whether the ring tone is audible when receiver is
being lifted.

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / chitra

1.Check whether the phone is working or not.
2.check whether the connection to receiver is proper or not.
3.Press numbers from 0 to 9 to check whether they are
responding or not.
4.check for the dial tone when receiver is being lifted.
5.Enter valid phone numbers and check.
6.Enter invalid numbers and check whether the line is
connected or not.
7.check the functionality of redial button.
8.check whether it is connecting to corresponding no.s when
valid no.s are dialed.
9.check whether ringtone is heard by dialing valid no's.
10.check whether the phone system is according to the
requirements given.

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / peter piyush

1. Check the cap is properly fitted/button is properly
2. check the riffel is in the pen.
3. Check ink in the riffel.
4. Check the grip of the pen.
5. Check that it writes properly or not.
6. Check it on different papers(butter paper,chart paper
7. check its weight.
8. Check that pen should properly fitted in the shirt.
9. Check the colour of the pen.
10. Check the colour of the ink.

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / kavita patil

1. Check the GUI of telephone (checking color, shape,
buttons, etc.).
2. Check whether all the buttons are properly working or not.
3. Check are we able to call STD and mobile.
4. Check whether we are able to receive call from other.
5. Check the sound clarity after receiving the call.
6. Check the ring volume.

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / satya

All the answers are perfect but these are also helpful

1. Check whether redial button is working or not
2. Check whether pause button is functioning or not
3. check the mute button..
4. Check whether the calls are going to mobiles ,landlines
STD also.
5. Check whether we can hear call waiting also...

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / sandeep

To test the pen wether it work horizontal and vertical...

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Write the 10 test cases for Telephone/Pen...

Answer / sandeep

check the load testing means work pen for more distance..

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