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Zycus Infotech Interview Questions
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There is a web portal that has been tested and working properly. Now a new module called as the "online shopping module" had been added. Ther are two search pages , a normal search and an advanced search page. You are responsible for only these two modules for testing Questions 1) Write the scope for testing 2)High level test scenarios 3)Test case for one high level test scenario 4) Assumptions while writing the test case 5) Questions that u might need to ask as a QA to test the application NOTE- the requiremnts wont be given. One has to assume the requirements Please tell me how to test a search page and also please help me answer the above questions

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Each side of a rectangle is increased by 100% . How much the percentage of area will be increased

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City A population is 68000, decreasing at a rate of 80 per year City B having population 42000 increasing at a rate of 120 per Year. In how many years both the cities will have same population

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main() { char *p1="Name"; char *p2; p2=(char *)malloc(20); while(*p2++=*p1++); printf("%s\n",p2); } what is the output?

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write 3 main test cases for excel sheet?

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write 3 test cases on railway reservation system

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write 3 test cases on ATM for security purpose

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write 3 test cases on MSWORD

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what is class/object diagram

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can u draw class/object diagram for ATM


write the test cases on prime number with result?

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You attempt to query the data base with this command: SELECT name, salary FROM employee WHERE salary=(SELECT salary FROM employee WHERE last name='Wagner' OR dept no=233) Choose most appropriate option from the following: 1)Sub-queries are not allowed in the where clause. 2)a multiple row sub-query used with a single row comparison operator. 3)a single row query is used with a multiple row comparison operator.

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write a function that takes an integer array as an input and finds the largest number in the array. You can not sort array or use any API or searching needs?

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I am new to Testing , my question is Integration Testing is a BlockBox Testing or White box testing ? please give me a answer .....

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How to hack someone's yahoo or gmail account? what can be the test cases for the same.


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1.Please tell me a little about your country. 2.How long have you been in the U.S.? 3.What do you remember about your education when you first started school? 4.Can you please tell me about the curriculum (classes) that you were required to take in high school? 5.How many students were in a typical class in your high school? 6.What were the classes like….was it mostly controlled by the teacher or did students work in groups and interact with one another as well as the teacher? 7.Are there differences between your school experience in your home country and the way classes are taught here? If the answer is ‘yes’, please describe the differences. 8.Do you think that high school was difficult and challenging or was it quite easy for you? 9.Did you enjoy high school? Why or why not? 10.Do you have anything else you’d like to tell me?


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Zycus Infotech Interview Questions
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