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What is mean by Equal Partitioning

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What is mean by Equal Partitioning..

Answer / priyanka

It is a technique which is used to classify the test data.
The test data can be divided into valid inputs(test data)
and invalid inputs(test data).
Example: Suppose there is a text field which accepts only
alphabets then the Equal partitions contains

Valid test data:
A-Z and a-z.
The text field should accept all the alphabets

Invalid test data:
It contains all chars other than alphabets
Numbers,special chars, blank( spaces)

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What is mean by Equal Partitioning..

Answer / anonymous

Equivalence partitioning is technique where you derieve test
cases depending on the test data. here, the test data can be
divided into different equivalence classes which can be
valid and invalid test data.

example: consider an text field which accepts input of 1 to
then, the valid test data can be 1 to 1000
invalid test data can be inputs below 1
and also inputs above 1000
so we totally get three equivalence classes. i.e, within the
limits, below the limits and above the limits.

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What is mean by Equal Partitioning..

Answer / ramesh

A) Boundary Value Analysis(BVA):

It Is Used to Save the time in Length Testing.

Length Testing : In Length Testing we Have to Test How Many Characters You can Enter Into a Field .

Implementation Of Boundary Value Analysis:

1) Identify The Boundary(S)
2) Every Boundary Generate Three Conditions
a) Boundary Value
b) Boundary Value-1
c) Boundary Value+1

Any Value Or Condition Outside The Boundary Should Be Invalid.

Ex : In Login Page User Name Length Should Be Minimum 4 Characters And Maximum 8 Characters.

B) Equivalence Class Partitioning(ECP):

It is Used to Save the Time in Value Testing .

Value Testing : In Value Testing we Have To Test What values We Can Enter into Field .

Ex : In Login Page User Name Should Accept Only
Alphanumeric in Lower Case.

C) State Transition Testing :
Every S/W Application will have various States (User Interfaces or Screens ) . An Application State will Changes From One state to Another Based on Input Data and Operations You Carryout on the System . State Transition Testing Help Full to Check All Possible States of the Application .
Ex :
Prepare TC to Check A Customer Account Access Functionality in ATM Software Using State Transition Testing.

TC1 : Check Customer Account Access By Inserting a Valid Card and Entering Correct Pin at 1st Try.

TC2 : Check Customer Account Access By Inserting a Valid Card and Entering Wrong Pin at 1st Try and Entering Correct Pin at 2nd Try.

TC3 : Check Customer Account Access By Inserting a Valid Card and Entering Wrong Pin at 1st and 2nd Try and Entering Correct Pin at 3rd Try.

TC4 : Check Customer Account Access By Inserting a Valid Card and Entering Wrong Pin at 1st , 2nd and 3rd Try.

TC5 : Check Customer Account Access By Inserting a Invalid Card.

D) Decision Table Testing :
It is Help Full to Determine Defects Because of Mistakes Committed While specifying the Logical Operators in Code.
Decision Table Testing is Help Full to Ensure 100% Test Coverage when a Functionality is Depending on Multiple Inputs. According to Decision Table Testing Number of TC You Prepared to Ensure 100% Coverage in 2n Where n is number of Inputs.

As Per Decision Table Testing You Can Derive the Fallowing TC to Check Login

TC1 : Check Login with Valid username And Valid password.

TC2 : Check Login with Valid username And Invalid password.

TC3 : Check Login with Invalid username And Valid password.

TC4 : Check Login with Invalid username And Invalid password.

Decision Table For Login

Inputs Cond 1 Cond 2 Cond 3 Cond 4
User Name Valid Valid Invalid Invalid
Password Valid Invalid Valid Invalid
Results Display
Inbox Display
Error Display
Error Display

E) Use case Based Testing:
The Tests Developed Based On The Use Cases. In A Usecase A Functionality Or Feature Would Be Described With Both Primary Flow(Positive Flow) Of Events And The Alternate Flow(Negative Flow) Of Events.

For Every Possible Positive Flow And Negative Flow, There Should Be A Test Defined.

Note: Often We Perform Use case Based Testing If The Use cases Are Available.

Use Case:
A Use Case Is A Sequence Of Steps With The Complete Set Of Primary Flow Of Events Along With The Alternate Flow Of Events Documented For A Given Requirement.

( It is a Brief Description Of Actor Actions and System Responses )

Use cases Can Be Part Of Functional Requirement Specifications, Use case Are Prepared By The Requirement Collection Team.

Benefits Of Use Cases:
1. Use case Gives A Complete Understanding On The Functionality Or A Requirement
2. They Are Considered To be The Powerful Sources For Designing The Test Cases
3. Complete Coverage In Testing Can Be Achieved Based On The Use Cases.

Use case Template:

Use case Number:
It Is An Unique Identifier Of The Use Case
Ex: Uc 1.0

Use case Name:
Ex: Payments

The User Involved In Performing That Feature Or Functionality On The System

Action Performed:
The Operation Performed On The System By The User
Ex: Enter User Name In Login Page

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What is mean by Equal Partitioning..

Answer / s.kumaran

equal partition is nothing but minimum to maximum words
fr example: minimum 4 words to maximum 10 words is used in
password login.

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