Mobile Testing Interview Questions
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what is streamining?

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what is walk through?

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what is regression testing?


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What is the advantage of symbian OS devices comparing with j2me and Brew OS devices???

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What are the signals tranferred in GPRS???


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what is the defferent b/w mobile testing, mobile application testing?

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How do we test protocols in Mobile testing. and how many protocols are used in Mobile application?

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How we test battery back up time using load testing especially for mobile testing ?

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How do you test mobile handsets ?

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How do you test mobile handsets ?


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how to test the MMS application?

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What is active directory? in telecom domain how it is useful?


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What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology? Give suitable Examble

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tell me test cases for marker

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Ways to improve the performance of an application?

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may i know d institutes offers certification course mobile testing in hyd?


How to check battery consumption and ram usage of app in android and IOS ?


Hi everybody, I have an interview for Mobile Handset Testing position, can anybody please help me by sending some interview questions and their answers mainly for Mobile protocol stack testing and Agilent 8960/CMU 200 related. If any one has any link or document then please share with me. Thanks You.


Do app effect if minor version changed or updated ? do we need to perform regression testing of mobile app ?


what is meant by AVD ?


how to configure test cases in ue confermence testing


How to perform testing on old versions of android and IOS ? If real device is not available.


hey friend...I want some question of mobile testing. which are asking in interview..if any one have question paper then please sen dme on "". I will very thankfull to those person who will give me some thing......Thanks.


How i create Emulators for andriod and iphone ?


What is the similarities between Web Testing and Mobile testing?


I want to know about that how we will test the general mobile camera with different different ways?? Write all possible test cases..


How can I perform testing of real device by connecting to laptop? Is there any software to access my mobile ?


How to check app by slowing Wi-Fi connection ?


I have created mobile site but donot have real devices so should i check though Emulators like etc ?


Now a days , Mobile devices are coming in different sizes so how to test app on various sizes ? I know from emulator but is there any specific resolution needs to target?