Mobile Testing Interview Questions
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what is streamining?

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what is walk through?

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what is regression testing?


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What is the advantage of symbian OS devices comparing with j2me and Brew OS devices???

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What are the signals tranferred in GPRS???


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what is the defferent b/w mobile testing, mobile application testing?

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How do we test protocols in Mobile testing. and how many protocols are used in Mobile application?

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How we test battery back up time using load testing especially for mobile testing ?

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How do you test mobile handsets ?

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How do you test mobile handsets ?


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how to test the MMS application?

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What is active directory? in telecom domain how it is useful?


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What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology? Give suitable Examble

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tell me test cases for marker

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Ways to improve the performance of an application?

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How to monitor performance of app in android and IOS ?


Browser stack and Perfecto, cloud based site is helpful for mobile app testing ? any free cloud based site ?


may i know d institutes offers certification course mobile testing in hyd?


Android AVD creates in android studio , How to create IOS AVD ?


How can I perform testing of real device by connecting to laptop? Is there any software to access my mobile ?


how you test data throughput in femtocell?and what is the data throughput?


what are the reasons for mobile app crashing


How to know latest design of android and IOS app ? is there any site ?


how to configure test cases in ue confermence testing


what happens to agilent tool when mobile connected to it crashes and how to test call forwarding in agilent tool


Hi everybody, I have an interview for Mobile Handset Testing position, can anybody please help me by sending some interview questions and their answers mainly for Mobile protocol stack testing and Agilent 8960/CMU 200 related. If any one has any link or document then please share with me. Thanks You.


How to perform testing on old versions of android and IOS ? If real device is not available.


hey friend...I want some question of mobile testing. which are asking in interview..if any one have question paper then please send me on "". I will very thankfull to those person who will give me some thing......Thanks.


How can a telco testing is done?Can anyone help out me to show how does the telco application look like?


How i found latest design of andriod app and iphone app ?