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Test Documents Reporting Interview Questions
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can you plz tell me the all documents to be completed by a manual tester?


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What Methodology is followed in your testing?


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what are the fields in traceablity matixes.


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If there is any error in RTM. What you will do? Please reply it.


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What is Defect/Bug/Error Life Cycle?

Covansys, Hewitt,

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HI, TRM(Test Responsibility Matrix) and RTM(requirement Tracebility matrix) both are same??

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what type of testing u are doing?

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what is the meaning of the test strategy and what it consists?

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what type of testing process is going on your company?

Accenture, CTS, ISPG, Ordain Solutions,

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differentiate test strategy and test plan?

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what are the key components of test plan document?

Tech Mahindra,

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differentiate test scenario & test case?

Talent Sprint, Triniti Advanced Software,

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what methods will you follow to repare test cases in your organization?


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what is your company testcase format?

Infosys, MasterMind, Sinsoft,

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how many levels of test execution will you follow and describe them?

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Can someone give checklist to test the performance of application. This checklist to be provided in the Test Plan that the following will be tested, e.g. 1. n users will be tested to test the load 2. Per page load time would not be greater than n seconds etc. I want to know the points other than the above stated ones.


How do you document well a website (i.e an ONG website) pls help me with a sample. Need your help UR


How To write Wimax field testing test cases,,,,? both negitive and Positive,,,,follows rule Tringulation (Logitude and latitude)


An engineering college wants to automate their examination activities to speed up their work and maintain high-end accuracy of information. A brief overview of the proposed system is given below: The proposed examination system is consisting of 8 semesters spread across 9 branches (assume your own branch names) and spans over a period of 4 years. Each student belongs to a branch and must register for a minimum of 6 courses but not exceed 8 courses maximum. The scoring pattern for each course is given as below: Maximum marks for each course: 100 Pass: 35% Distinction: 70% and above First class: =>60% and <70% Second class: >50% and <60% Pass Class: >=35% and <50% The proposed system computes the result and announces the results every semester. The results must be accurate and all examination records will be maintained till the students leave the college. Develop a Test Strategy to test the proposed system. Your Test Strategy must include the following: • Test Plan • Testing Methodology to be followed • Test cases • Test effort estimation • Test Correction Mechanism Note: If you need more information on the requirement specification, you are permitted to assume along the same line but clearly specify the details.


Does any one have Performance test plan and Security test plan? Please help me as i need it ASAP... Thanks in Advance.


write test case for ecomerce shopping