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What are the main key components in Web applications and client and Server applications? (differences)

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What is the technical reviews and reviews?


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Daily howmany bugs will you find and what types are they?


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In what basis you will write test cases?


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If the client identified some bugs to whom did he reported?


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what are the main bugs which were identified by you and in that how many are considered as real bugs?


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What is the formal technical review?


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Will you write a test plan in all phases?

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Actually how many positive and negetive testcases will write for a module?


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Overall what percentage of positive and negetive testcases would you write?


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Explain me about test scenarios? How will you write it?


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What is service pack..what is the purpose of this..?This question was asked in an testing interview..that's why i posted this in this category..

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Does functional testing comes under Black box or white box testing?

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what are reviews..? In what type of reviews are going to participate?

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What are the differences between these three words Error, Defect and Bug.

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How will you log a Defect when you are in the process of executing a test case?


Hi..I want testing in worker compensation claims.. if anyone have real exp..can you explain it for me.. thanks


I. Requirements are formally reviewed. II. Requirements are formally approved. III. Requirements are placed under configuration control. IV. Requirements are implemented in code. Using the above statements, when are requirements considered baselined? 1. I and II 2. I, II, and III 3. I, II, III, and IV 4. I only 5. I, III, and IV


What is future of FC SAN vs FCOE SAN


What are the advantages of SCSI compared to ATA or IDE ?


Hi..i am planning to write ISTQB foundation level exam..could any one suggest me training center for istqb..also, where can i write istqb exam in chennai..could u plz list the prometric centers for istqb in chennai


Hi,can anyone help me with sap testing.how is sap testing done


What would you say to your boss if he?s crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?


i am a PG science(chemistry),now am working test engineer in small organization,now i will decide to move better organization please send model cv and advises


What are the preconditions or initial conditions before doing the Automation testing?


How u r managing the staff unavailability?


how to use bugzilla plz tell me details processs


What are the main constrains of SCSI in storage networking?


What is SDLC and STLC? In analysis phase of SDLC, what exactly the testers will do?


I am having 1.5 years of exp. in Manual testing.What I have to do now? Should I do ISTQB Certification or Perl/Shell Scripting Languages? OR Anything else.Please Guide me properly.