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Steps for payment batch?

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Steps for payment batch?..

Answer / kranthioracle

i hope u have completed invoice batch.

1.When u select ur invoice batch status will be ---> NEW on ACTION BUTTON AND CLICK (OK)
3.u will see the status changes to SELECTING & BUILD. on PAYMENT BUTTON and select ur invoices number,
6.u will see the status changes to formatting--->formatted. on ACTION BUTTON & CLICK (OK), here u r confirming
to make the payment.
a)u will see a new window ,
b)select ur status PRINTED.
C)click on CONFIRM .
8. u will see the status changes to confirming--->confirmed. on ACTION BUTTON select CREATE ACCOUTING (OK).

this is how u make the payment.

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Steps for payment batch?..

Answer / surya

if ask question in the sense we have to say only status.
1)New 2)Secect 3) Build 4) Formated 5) Confirmed.
These are the status of payment batch.

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