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Can we implement MRC at Payables?

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Can we implement MRC at Payables?..

Answer / swathi

I couldnt get in which context the question has been asked

Generally MRC is done at GL level

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Can we implement MRC at Payables?..

Answer / alf....

Yes we can have MRC at Payables level also....and the
subledgers AR & AR need not have seperate responsibilities
as GL has a Primary and Reporting, both the functional and
reporting currencies can be seen when we go to View
accounting and check the Alternate currency.

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Can we implement MRC at Payables?..

Answer / mantu

Yes but unlike GL (if we are using multi-org).While
transfering the payables to the GL through interface it an
be shown in reporting books only. But if you mean it that
like GL an we use multiple urrency in Payables then
certainly not.

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Can we implement MRC at Payables?..

Answer / pushpa

Hi anybody tell me How to do MRC In Payables? Any setups

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