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draw the block diadrame and explain the working of
proximity sensor

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draw the block diadrame and explain the working of proximity sensor..

Answer / ashutosh

if any obstruction comes in between the IR led and IR
receiver than you can use this signal by connectig any
terminals to your comparater i.e. what you want a voltage
or zero output at the output

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draw the block diadrame and explain the working of proximity sensor..

Answer / sri

proxmity sensor is nothing but landmine sensor,generally we
use metal detectors to find landmines,so many principles are
present one of those is,whenever u place metal close to
detector, because of the difference b/w coefficents of
detector and desired metal some flux will produce and that
allows to pass current through the circuit,and produce
output.if u connect buzzer to o/p then it will make sound
whenever u place metal in front of detector.

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