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CDAC Interview Questions
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merge sort time complexity

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How to use c/c++ code in JAVA

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What is an idle thread?

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What is multiple inheritance ?

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hi friends how r u as soon in satyam my interview is start but i m very confusued ta wat i do plz help me frndz wat can i do plz tell me some question and answers related with "C" which r asked in the interview .


what is the main differnce between const,readonly and static

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#define MAX(x,y) (x) > (y) ? (x) : (y) main() { int i = 10, j = 5, k = 0; k = MAX(i++, ++j); printf("%d %d %d", i,j,k); } what will the values of i , j and k? }

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what is iptabe on redhat linux?

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what is the difference between. system call and library function?

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Can we use xslt to covert html into vxml?

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Which company made 'Office Hindi' softwear?

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Test cases on Feed back form page ???

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void main() { static int i = 5; if(--i) { main(); printf("%d ",i); } } what would be output of the above program and justify your answer? }

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/*what is the output for the code*/ void main() { int r; r=printf("naveen"); r=printf(); printf("%d",r); getch(); }

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what are the main differences between ms access and sqlserver

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