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why should we take you?

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why should we take you?..

Answer / minu

I believe that I've got the skills and enthusiasm required
to fulfill the role that's available. I think I'd be a
valuable asset to the firm and, from my experience, I'm
sure I'd make a positive contribution to the company's

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why should we take you?..

Answer / mahapatra

:) This is very tricky question, so dont try to be smart
here.They want to judge you, if you understand the job
requirement well.

So answer, how you fit into it, not that you are a hard
worker and smart worker hehehehehe, who hell give it a

all the best.

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why should we take you?..

Answer / ankit sangal (09911728508)

according to the requirement of the company i m best suited
for this profile, nd since i m highly target oriented
person i will accomplish my work well before the dead line
which will not creat any kind of bottelnecks and stress, nd
thats what evry company wants today. no pressures no
hessels and the best work output.

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why should we take you?..

Answer / nikhil

I believe that I am a team player and can bring out the
desired results by working in a team.I am susceptible to
different working conditions and have faith in myself which
a driving force for me.Moreover I never entertain any
personal traits such as egoism and attitude at workplace and
work purely for the growth and benefit of the organization.

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why should we take you?..

Answer / ashid puzhakkal, b.ed.

The best way to respond is to give concrete examples of why
your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate
for the job. Take a few moments to compare the job
description with your abilities, as well as mentioning what
you have accomplished in your other positions. Be positive
and reiterate your interest in the company and the

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why should we take you?..

Answer / raju jha

I Think the ans shuld b like ,.//

Sir i believe that u want a person who is well known to the area he will have to look for,can communicate well with the local people,having the enthusiasm to work for the company as well as personal growth & smart enough to fulfill the requirements of the company when needed.

And i believe that I can fulfill all the requirement ur company required.

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why should we take you?..

Answer / srikant biswal

This is most critical question and the interviewer want to know what are the key skills that fit to there organisation.So be positive to this can say that I am well qualified and have ability to work hard with honestly and i have read all about your organisation i think i can give best of my knowledge for growth of your organisation

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why should we take you?..

Answer / kevindra singh

1. Because I can help organization to manage this project
easily by my positive contribution to this project.

2. I am very confident on my skills and determination
towards this project.

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why should we take you?..

Answer / rr0505

The answers being provided against the question posted are
as suitable as they can be for the follwing reasons:
1. BOA is posting the question on Electrical engineering
2. There is no mention of the job profile for the required
candidate. So it is rightly assumd that selection could be
as vague as the question itself.

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why should we take you?..

Answer / vishal kharbanda


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