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WinRunner Interview Questions
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what is wrun.ini file..what it consists?

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What id DB Folder? when it will be created and what it consists?

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How do you find the number of elements in a list box in winrunner?

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How to fetch a value which is in a particular cell in a html table?

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What are command line options?How to invoke winrunner with vb add in using command line options?

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How many check points are there in winrunner? what are they?

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what is split function?Give me the syntax?

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How do you invoke a text file from winrunner?

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what are the stages of software development life cycle?

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Where are the expected results file will be stored? what is the extension of that?

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By Default if you save a File with just pause statement in the script how it is going to store in winrunner?


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How many exceptions are there in winrunner and what are they?


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What is Global GUI Map?


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What is the automation process in winrunner?

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What is the winrunner version now..?

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Hi iam a begginer or rather new stsrter to QTP and strugling to start as i have to start writing the automated scripts for the existing manual testing could some one send me some tips ans tricks for a jump start. Any help is greatly appreciated


For my web Application I am recording website by WR. but the fuctions are displaying normal recorded fun. such as set_window...etc. eventhough i selected web add-in at start up WR. how to use web functions? such as web_link_click.... pls. guide


how can you explain your Real Estate Project in front of interviewer..? please step by step......


What are the three modes of running the scripts?


How should we write and execute a user define function using WinRunner.


How to break infinite loop?


Explain the purpose of different record methods?


What is the use of gui map and what happens when gui map file get loaded?


Explain the purpose of loading winrunner add-ins?


What is the purpose of regexp_msw_class property?


What is the purpose of set_window command?


How do you find out which is the start up file in winrunner?


Explain the purpose of gui spy?


This Is Sekar, Can Any One Of You Help Me? Question: How To Draw Charts In Excel Sheet Using Winrunner Scripts. Thanks, Sekar.