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FCG Interview Questions
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The title of the window consists of Date and Time.Tell me the Regular Expression to recognise that window as unique?

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what is the extension of default,custom check points ?

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what is the extension of the Run time Record checklist file

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What is the extension of GUI check points check list file?

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what is the extension of the gui expected results file?

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What is the use of the "Find" Button in Gui Map Editor?

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What is the use of 'Show' button in GUI Map Editor?

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How winrunner Handles varying window Labels?

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If winrunner doesn't understand the Text in the Application what you do?

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what is contained in the GUI check list?

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What is parameterizing in winrunner?

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In the system of coordinates used by WinRunner,the origin(0,0 coordinate)is located in the --- screen?

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In Analog mode of Recording in WinRunner,the maximum value of Y in (x,y) is ?

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is 'tech' is a Reserved word in WinRunner or not?

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is 'Vendor' is a Reserved in WinRunner or not?

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FCG Interview Questions