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Relq Interview Questions
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Is it Winrunner supports All web based applications?If supports how extention?

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What kind of problems are solved by Datapools?

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Is it possible to run a WinRunner script without using GUI Map file? If yes how?

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Hi,Can anybody pls let me know "what is the actual need for test strategy when there is test Plan?"Whay is test plan needed?

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can u write Script to do Data Driven Testing throuh Externel & internel XL Sheet

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I have 2 Databases. How can create a table in particular database? How can i know the list of tables presented each database?( in oracle 10g)

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1. What is the difference between a bug and a defect 2. What is the difference between retesting and regression testing 3. Explain bug life cycle

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1. What is the most critical bug you found 2. Consider a moblie phone : when you save the number, the number gets saved under a different name . What is the priority and severity of the bug 3. Write code for binary search

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1. What is performance testing..How would you test the performance of a flash object

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