Test Director Interview Questions
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What is the use of the Test Director software?

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What are Test Beds?


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What r the tabs in test director?

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How many Test Managers in Test Director? Skjha2000@rediffmail.com


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How you upload test cases in to TD. Skjha2000@rediffmail.com


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What is Test case coverage? Skjha2000@rediffmail.com

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How will you invoke testdirector?That means how will you open TD and how will you log defects?


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After you have completed the first phase of running the 'Test Cases' in TD, now that you have set the status of each step as Pass/Fail. How will you run the same 'Test Cases' for regression testing (say for 2rd or 3th build)?


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Hi Can anyone tell the real time usage of Test director with examples u had done in u r company


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Main Diffrences between Test Director and Bugzilla?

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what are diadvantages of Test director?.

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What is test builder?

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What if you delete a test from Test Lab will it updated in Requirements/Test Plan tabs also.

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What is the role of snap shot in Test Director?

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What is test set?

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How can we connect defect report from testlab&testplan tabs?


can we connect qtp 8.2 version with test director 8.0 verion if how if not why 2)when test director 8.0 version released


How to identify test cases with no scheduled test runs.


how do u call data file and gui file in testdirector


Is QC comes under functional testing or not?


Of course, Test Director has recapped as Quality Center. What is the main difference between 8.2 version and 9.2 version of Quality Center?


I installed TestDirector 7.6 on my PC which has windows media center edition. It was working fine in the begining. But now when I try to start it, I get the message, "cannot connect to databas. The data base version is older than 7.5, please update database". I am using MS Access as the database. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi All, Im currently getting to grips with the Document Generator in Test Director and have a query. We use TD to link requirements to test cases and I am attempting to produce a report which lists the requirement and the test case it is linked to. I cant see a way to do this as the test case link info resides on the Coverage page and it appears the only field available to display for requirements reports within document generator as those on the 'details' tab. Any tips?


Explain the project tree in test director?


Can anyone tell me where i can Download free full version of test director


how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director


What r the mandatory fields in TD?


Can any one tell how to install the TD in our system?


what is the last version in TD to support for qtp?


what are the type of testing and methodologies