QTP Interview Questions
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How to Parameterize Object repository in QTP?


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Per-Action Vs Shared repository?

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What is Active Screen in QTP?

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Use of Multiple Actions in QTP?

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What is runtime objects and test objects? What is the difference between them?


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Recovery Manager means..?

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How many check points are there in QTP and what are they?

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How to add check point?

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What is Tree view?

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What is Expert view?

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What is the scripting language used in QTP?


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Associated files in QTP?

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Use of environment variables?

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What is Object Spy?

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Can u call winRunner scripts from QTP?

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I have qtp 9.5 demo ver,I am not able to record the yahoo broeser.so anyone can tell me what setting i have to do in QTP for yahoo brower recording. why its not recognise the object of yahoo browser????


write script for bitmap image?


After fixing the bug, the same bug is raising again and again in new builds what we have to do? That bug is high level bug.


Can any one tell me how to write a script for selecting open option in File menu of A word document.here you have to add objects to OR.try like that and give me the ans.i asked this question to so many but no one knows.if any one know the answer plz let me know


HI I want to know the detials of QTP certifications such as syllabus, study Materil etc. Can any provide me all these details?? my mail ID is krishnuvk@yahoo.com


Is there anyway to automatically update the Datasource name in Database Checkpoints object when we migrate tests to a new release?


Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project? pls any say answer?


Hi, is it possible for recording shortcut key during record session? The application on which I am working is web based application. This application has several shortcut key associated with menu option. I have succesfully recorded all menu option but unable to record shortcut key.


how to convert 100 into hundred repees only and viceversa


Excel sheet having some datas and some datas present in the application (in table). How will you compare these two datas? Write code to fetch datas from Excel sheet.


can anyone tell me what to say in interview when interviewer asks about "tell me about your framework in your project"?


I want to grow as a Automation Engineer,Kindly help me in clearing my interview that what interviewer looks for as a Automation Engineer. I am having three years of experience in testing.


how will you load the test cases in ddt?


How can we upload pdf files in qtp?


what is the hierarchy to use properties in descriptive programming