QTP Interview Questions
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How to Parameterize Object repository in QTP?

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Per-Action Vs Shared repository?

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What is Active Screen in QTP?

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Use of Multiple Actions in QTP?

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What is runtime objects and test objects? What is the difference between them?


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Recovery Manager means..?

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How many check points are there in QTP and what are they?

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How to add check point?

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What is Tree view?

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What is Expert view?

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What is the scripting language used in QTP?


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Associated files in QTP?

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Use of environment variables?

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What is Object Spy?

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Can u call winRunner scripts from QTP?

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when I was doing the web testing with QTP using with standard checkpoint the Object selection -checkpoint properties dialog box not displaying pages and links hierarchical order. Could you please tell me. thanks


Can we access the java methods in qtp. Because my requirement is to access the swt(for eclipse an it is java code) methods in qtp is it possible?


Hi All, How to get repeated word in string . Thanks Balaji


Write code for ,We have a web table with rows and columns like EmpID EName Action 1 ABC Edit Delete 2 XYZ Edit Delete 3 PQR Edit Delete In the above Table the last column has two links we have to click first link based up on EmpID =2


What is meant by Step generator?what is the use of this? we have 3 steps know there what r all those.? can u all pls give me clear idea of this


Could any one tell me "How can i recognize my cursor position using QTP 9.2" Give me a scripts for this


Diff b/w test scenario's and test Procedures?


In an interview, what r the general questions asked in SQL which is realted to testing ?pls give me anwser to this question?


what frame work you are following?


How can i use virtual objects? If have i created one new virtual object in a virtual object manager by following instructions.


Why do we use "Text checkpoint" If we can make use of it in "standard checkpoint" ?


How can you pass value one action to another action?


What is the extension of QTP local Repository? If it is .mtr then what is .bdb extension stands for?


How to connect the remote desktop using QTP 9.2 explain the method or procedure?


Differences between text and test area checkpoints?