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Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Describe some problem that you had with automating test tool?

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Does automation replace manual testing?

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How will you choose a tool for test automation?

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what testing activity you may want to automate?

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what skills needed to be a Good test automator?

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Can anybody would u like to tell the details of Automation Framework, with example. and also give preferable books. sites. Thanks in Advance.

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How to create stubs? what is the use of Stubs and drivers? who is the responsible person of this?

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Does Microsoft Corporation, Sun Microsystems possesing any maturity levels?if yes, what is that level?


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What is ur goal when ur doing Performence Testing of an Web Application..?

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what is the General Process for Load Test..I mean General Steps?

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We have a testing assignment should be test in very short span.Do you think automated tests are the best solution for this type of scenario?

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Write a query to find second highest salary of an employee.

ABC, Cognizant, MegaSoft, Netwin Infosolutions, Nippon, Polaris, Satyam, SGS, TCS, Verisoft,

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What is Automation Testing Framework


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What is Bidirectional Tracebility, how u use it.


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What is Test strategy documents.


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Explain some disadvantages to manual software testing?


What is extreme programming and what has it got to do with testing?


Where do we get the QTP and Load runner softwares CDs ( Original ) in chennai


2. How you will collect a module from the version?


Could any one share scripts... where we can Parameterize radio buttons and Check boxes in Rational Robot.


what is critical test case ? please give an example .


5. What are the tests you are conducting through winrunner?


How could you explain the main difference between webdriver and rc?


how to re-install QTP 11.0 trial version


Explain about basics of rational robot - ibm test automation tool?


Do you know how can we make one test method dependent on other using testng?


How to get the Background color of a Tab or Button in TestComplete Tool using VBScript? I have a validation that to verify whether a particular tab or button is highlighted or not. When the tab or button is highlighted the background color will be in Yellow color.If i get the background color then its easy for us to validate whether its highlighted or not. Can anybody help me on this?. Thanks in Advance.


Tell us which package can be imported while working with webdriver?


I want to learn the data base testing, how can I start my psactice? I already reading the books of basic for data base? If any other books that make my study simple please suggest.


Tell us how could you explain the main difference between webdriver and rc?