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how to improve communication skill ?

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / jagadheeswaran k

Mother Tongue Fluency is the only reason for our lack of
communication skills. Whenever we try to speak/talk in
English, we use to think in our mother tongue and then
translate. But It is not good. Because it takes some
translation time. We have to overcome the MOTHER TONGUE

As a graduate we know the grammar well. Even though any one
is still facing any problems, please don?t hesitate to
learn it right now.

Some of the guidelines to have the fluency are:

1. Think in English

2. Speak in English

3. Watch only English Dialogue Movies

4. Read English NEWS papers

5. Use only ENGLISH-ENGLISH dictionaries (OXFORD,

6. Do concentrate while others speak.

7. Try to learn simple vocabularies.

8. Be confident.

9. As English is a rhythmic language we have to give
stress wherever & whenever required.

10. Speak as much loud as possible. First you have to
hear your voice.

11. If you have any recorder or computer, please record
& play your voice. Can you hear & understand your voice? If
yes, it is sure, any one can understand your voice. Follow

12. Try to express the scenes whatever you are seeing
and whenever you have time. Use simple & Continuous
tenses. You will definitely feel your skills. (But while
describing & expressing somebody else in real time, don?t
be loud, they may slap you!!!)

13. Be polite while talking before others.


1. Don?t hesitate to speak/talk before others.
2. Don?t think in your mother tongue
3. Don?t watch any regional language movies
4. Don?t waste your valuable time in watching any
outdoor (action) movies or diversional movies.
5. Don?t use bilingual Dictionaries

Even after completing our graduation, if our communication
is yet not good, (don?t be shy) this is the good time to
join in a good communication & accent development center
(Please enquire many times & many resources before joining
in a centre). Of course, you have to spend some money, but
with in six months (maximum) you can retrieve it.

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / pradeep

by use only u can improve ? 1 st don't hesitate what u r
talking.. just go ahead

pradeep 9866510458

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / karthik

It depends how often you use the particular language. Be
confident when you speak in English( after all its a
language). Watch a lot of english channels particularly
news channels and try to grasp the flow. Read a lot of
books as well and u will notice that its improving


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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / zakir hussain

They are four basics in learning a language .

listening , reading , speaking , Writing .

start with learning the language with giving importance on
listening skills .

listin to news channels like bbc,...

Reading practice :

Start reading articles of the industry u wish to join .

Speaking :

Try to use the same correct language while speaking as u
hear in the news .

Do repeat the same sentences when u hear them .

Writing :

strat wrtiting a few samll sentence which u use in day to
day life correctly .

This way u could be able to improve your communication
skills .

zakir hussain -9246528136

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / santosh wakchaure

Communication skills can be improved only by costantant
practice.First of all one should shed the barrier of
shyness.One must not fear of making mistakes while speaking
English. One should look for those guys who are good at
English& try to practice English with them.

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / mohammed asfad

communciaton skill to improve is very simple forgot ur
mother tongue, and try to speak in english with ur frnds
and read daily newspaper, magzine,and learn new english
word from dictionay.

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / sameer varma

In short,

If u want to improve your speaking skills, do the following:

1. Read newspaper loudly in front of mirror.

2. Talk to yourself in your freetime, develop 2 people in
you, one who ask u different questions, and one who reply

3. Stop translating your MOther tongue to English, those
who speak by translating their local language words and
sentences cannt become fluent.

4. Watch BBC news, if u want to go for Call centre


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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / n.m.a.stanly

dear viewers and browsers
if u want to speak very good englis, pls dont dont go for
any spoken englis center because it is not science or math
subject. It is language so plesa be practice by speaking
english then u will speak good englis.

ur eligible to read englis u can follow the ideas
-pleas buy the essential english grammar book by raymond

-u can practice the exercise

-u will speak correct english

-pleas daily read english newspaper(hindu,Indian

-Use oxford dictnory

-listen english news (bbc,ccn,jaya,podihai)

-while u speak english and u make lot of mistake,dont worry
abt it. when u make the mistake and u can learn correct way
of english.

-pleas read any easy english text book

-pleas collect LKG to 5 th std matric or anglo indian
english text book, and study the book, it is easy way to
learn english.

pls dont ashamed to read KG book it is the correct way to
learn english.

pls watch english movie so u can improve ur listening skil

u can say i know englis
it mean u read english,write,listen,speak
that is the correct way of know the language

pls practice it u will learn the language correctly
i wish u and u will become very success and very good
speaker in english

is there any mistake above the content pls forgive me..
if u want to share anythin cal me my cell:09047375055

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / a.muthukumar

First, do you avoid shyness while speaking english to
Second,reading english news paper(hindu,indian express)
Third,self confidence while speaking english to others.
Fourth,convers with your friend for daily incident in
speaking english.

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / rajan

to imporve your english skills so can just forgot about
your mother tongue and just do practise to speak in english
to your friend .don't be hasitate while you speaking to
others. i think its not tuff to learn if you r fullfill
with confidence so 1st you should make confidence in your
self and 2nd mostly you can watch english movies an try to
understand whats they are talking about

from rajan sharma(pratibha's boyfriend)

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