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TeleTech Interview Questions
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If they ask where you want see in next 2 years, then wat should i say?

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Tell me something about urself ?

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Why should we hire you?

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how can you handle an unexpected situation?

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what is call centre Job? What is voice and non voice? Who is an eligioble candidate to get Job In call Centers for voice and non voice.

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Has Convergys opened in LKO

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why we need MAC address in data link layer?

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why do u want to join a call centre...?

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tell me about yourself

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Hi, I am Gulshan... I had appeared for interview twice and going to apply for third time. I have done BCA in 2004 and since 2004 i am in working with leading finace company. I have applied for MBA. I have not given any ILETS or GMAT exam. First time the consulate asked me for my GMAT score and i was unable to give any answer. but the second time the interview was very quite imperessive. i havd given every answer to their questions but again they refused. I dont know the reason for second time. Kindly suggest me, is there any possiblities to get visa in third time?

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From where the origin of Call Centre existed?

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wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?

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wht did you apply at teletech? why not in tanscom, convergy's, ventus, etc.?


wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?

3 7415

wht did you apply at teletech? why not in tanscom, convergy's, ventus, etc.?


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