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BoA Interview Questions
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How many lines of code you have written for a single program?

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How would you handle an unusual problem you never encountered before?

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What is "BRS". Plz Explain whats the content in BRS" Diff between BRS,SRS,FRS?

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what is the difference between cheque and draft

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How did you use the round function?give an example(don't say it will round to the nearest intger) eg1:round(84.55,.1) =84.6 eg2:round(92.64,.1)=92.6,How it is happening like this tell me the logic,that is how the round function works when we have deimal values?

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if x=round(26.3,10)-1 then x= how much and how explain?

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what is the difference between cash flow and fund flow?

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-----------------What is Singleton?

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how can we use a composite key for two tables and how can we represent it

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what is exact entry for cash receipts and cash payments? did sales n purchases invoices are issued to this receipts n payments?

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How or why testing is associated with the term "BOTTLE NECK"

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is it ok to say that i am doing mba as wanted to increase the weightage on my profile?


How to do user inputs and command line arguments in SAS? D&B

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What is the difference between keys of a Physical file and the keys of a logical file?

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what is the meaning of the amortization

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Un-Answered Questions

Write short notes on Current indications of FMT?


how maney type tempereture measurement ?


wat are deployement groups in informatica, how it will be used for developers


What is meant by errors and debugging?


What is the Chemical formula for Epsom salt?


What is sequence learning?


What is Salesforce?


What are the techniques involved in using SAP supplied programs? Do you prefer to write your own programs to load master data? Why?


Hi, I've a mapping with flat file source The target update override property for the target table is using update stmt. There is no update strategy between source and target. Also The session has the target properties as Insert , Update as update options checked. Does this mean that recs will be inserted only and the update override will not be applied at all. Thanks


When we create the dialog run method is needed? If not how to run the method?


What is share,Bond, sharecapital, Budgeting, BRS, CA, CL, WC, WACC, Depreciation, types of Depreciation, B/S, CF items and some transactions and Preference Share capital, Equity Share Capital , Debenture and practicle Questions to solve and tell there itself whether the co's good for investing opinion for problems to find out how good one is with basics.


Which are the exact sap table and field for sap pm notification status?


Have you ever been charged with training and coaching other sales professionals?


How to Reprocess Idocs in SAP?


What is meant by Establish Connection in RDO?