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BoA Interview Questions
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How many lines of code you have written for a single program?

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How would you handle an unusual problem you never encountered before?

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What is "BRS". Plz Explain whats the content in BRS" Diff between BRS,SRS,FRS?

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what is the difference between cheque and draft

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How did you use the round function?give an example(don't say it will round to the nearest intger) eg1:round(84.55,.1) =84.6 eg2:round(92.64,.1)=92.6,How it is happening like this tell me the logic,that is how the round function works when we have deimal values?

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if x=round(26.3,10)-1 then x= how much and how explain?

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what is the difference between cash flow and fund flow?

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-----------------What is Singleton?

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how can we use a composite key for two tables and how can we represent it

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what is exact entry for cash receipts and cash payments? did sales n purchases invoices are issued to this receipts n payments?

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How or why testing is associated with the term "BOTTLE NECK"

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is it ok to say that i am doing mba as wanted to increase the weightage on my profile?


How to do user inputs and command line arguments in SAS? D&B

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What is the difference between keys of a Physical file and the keys of a logical file?

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what is the meaning of the amortization

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