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how to improve communication skill ?

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / dinesh

Hi friends
are you want speak in English.
Thing in English
See only English Movie.
Read only English news paper.
See English Channel of news.
Improve your vocoublary

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / narasimhamurthy

dear viewers and browsers
if u want to speak very good englis, pls dont dont go for
any spoken englis center because it is not science or math
subject. It is language so plesa be practice by speaking
english then u will speak good englis.

ur eligible to read englis u can follow the ideas
-pleas buy the essential english grammar book by raymond

-u can practice the exercise

-u will speak correct english

-pleas daily read english newspaper(hindu,Indian

-Use oxford dictnory

-listen english news (bbc,ccn,jaya,podihai)

-while u speak english and u make lot of mistake,dont worry
abt it. when u make the mistake and u can learn correct way
of english.

-pleas read any easy english text book

-pleas collect LKG to 5 th std matric or anglo indian
english text book, and study the book, it is easy way to
learn english.

pls dont ashamed to read KG book it is the correct way to
learn english.

pls watch english movie so u can improve ur listening skil

u can say i know englis
it mean u read english,write,listen,speak
that is the correct way of know the language

pls practice it u will learn the language correctly
i wish u and u will become very success and very good
speaker in english

is there any mistake above the content pls forgive me..

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / mansoor ali delhi

improve your grammer 1st ,it will improve your confidence
level bcz grammer is the base of the english language ,then
start trying to speak english ,u will see yourself the
unbeliveable output .

mansoor ali

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / abdul

You can improve your english by practicing with others,
watch english movies with the caption down, Read the news
papers or journals louder that you should here your own
voice. Try to change your mother tongue fluency what we
call as an ascent. Practice it daily you will see the
changes automatically..

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / sravan

we can improve our english daily by reading newspaper
aloudly juz read a news paper aloudly for atleast half an
hour automatically u wil get the confidence here iam the
person practically wht i feel so juz speak in english
always with your friends either it is right or wrong then u
will get automativally.But reading newspaper daily you will
be see difference in 40 days that is what i saw in my
experience &it is also low cost of paper so within 2 rup we
can learn so much english

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / sudarshanam

hi friends.if you want to improve your communication skills
do the following.
1 Watch BBC news atleast thirty minutes a day.
2 don't hesitate while u r talking with friends,teachers.
3 read the news paper headlines that will improve your

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / priya

Can some one tell me how can I increase my vocabulary. I
generally lack in thought process, how can I overcome it.
Can anyone suggest me. u can mail to me at

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / maharajan

It is not a very big thing which will not be done.. It is
upto indivuals perspective to get it sooner or later..

As far as i concern english is an art not an knowledge.

Pls try to speak in front of the mirror atleast 20min per
day. It really helps you lot to improe your language.

Watch english movies as much as you can. If you can't
understand watch their lip movements keenly. Then you will
be able understand everything clearly..

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / devisri

hi friends
i don't know how to speech in others from fluency.but
I'll try to spoke. u have confidence and read newspaper
daily,watching English movie heraing that voice and
understand.just make thinging of english you forget
mothertounge. u have any suggest plz mail at

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how to improve communication skill ?..

Answer / irfan ahmed

Hi my dear friends. if you are improving ur communication
skills. wrong or wright sentence but talk then ur improve
taking power but main reason is no any hasitate during
taking english.
best regards

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