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What are leaf pages?

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What are leaf pages?..

Answer / s

Leaf pages points to data pages. It stores the key value
and the RIDS associated with the values. RIDS are pointers
to the data rows.

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What are leaf pages?..

Answer / rbs

Hi S,
Above, u defined the INDEX. Is index and Leaf Pages are

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What are leaf pages?..

Answer / mehdee

About the above question. We create INDEX when we create a
DB2 table, but Leaf pages are created by DB2 as this DB2
table being accessed and it keeps going on. That is why
DBADM use the SYSIBM.SYSINDEXES table and check on the
column LEAFDIST to see for example if it is greater than
500, then they run the REORG job then RUSTATS to bring down
the Leaf pages distribution to less then 500 to improve
access performance.

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