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How to test lightning Arrester?

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1kva=how many kw & amps

4 Answers   Jakson,

We use ACB in LT and VCB in HT.But if we use VCB in LT and ACB in HT that what will be the effect on the system or any power range?

6 Answers   Honda,

Can you please explain creepage distance in detail, for a 6.6kV cable head what must the distance be and how do you determine it?

0 Answers   Prism Cement,

how many joint can done in HT line and what is life of the joint

0 Answers   Micro Labs, Reliance,

Why we are testing cables with dc?

1 Answers  

what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.

1 Answers   Enercon, HAL,

How much allowable difference current between on three phases Dear sir, We have a 1870 KW HT motor, 11 Kv supply,FLA-120A,2870 rpm,2-pole squirrel cage induction Motor.And stator is connected in star connection with Liquid resistance stater to limit the starting current.It has coupled with Centrifugal air compressor.My question is it is loading 73% of FLA taking R-phase 86.7 A, Y-phase-85.4A,B-phase- 78.3A.why the B phase current is that much of difference.Is it allowable, or any one tell me how much allowable current.If any method to calculate.

1 Answers  

What is Negative Potential Bias

0 Answers   TATA,

which type of A.C motor is used in the fan (ceiling fan, exhaust fan, padestal fan, bracket fan etc) which are find in the houses ?

25 Answers   Airtel, MPPTCL, USSA,

why phase to phase voltage is 400v while phase to neutral is 220v?

1 Answers  

What is the function of an Auto reclosure relay. How does it work??

4 Answers   KSEB,

What is the function of electron gun used in crt?

0 Answers  

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