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What is shaking level in GC?

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What is difference between known and unknown impurities

1 Answers   Sun Pharma,

how to prepare low ppm solution from high ppm solution ?

1 Answers  

why we are using sodium,potassium phosphates for mobile phase preparation?

1 Answers  

what does 'n' stands for in spectroscopy?give the formula.

0 Answers   Laurus,

what is difference between drug products and drug substance?

5 Answers   DRL,

In case of dissolution test, if there is variation within 6 individual units however the batch is complying as per S1 criteria, is it necessary to do investigation for the same? What should be the criteria for such variation?

2 Answers  

Why Holium cholorate used in UV Spectro photometer?

7 Answers   Reddy Labs,

what is dead time in hplc?

3 Answers   Orchid,

How to prepare ppm solution of Nacl form its salt?

5 Answers  

Why we use methanol as solvent in kf standardisation. Why not other solvent?

2 Answers   Caplin Point, Epione Labs, Hetero,

what is a differance between assay by HPLC and assay by titration?

5 Answers  

what is principle of XRD?

3 Answers   Cipla,

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