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What will be the output when a file with 0 records is connected as input to a reformat and an output file? Note that in reformat we have assigned hardcoded values to output columns.

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Layout - L1*, L1 - What is the difference

3 Answers  

Why might you create a stored procedure with the with recompile option?

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What is sort component in abinitio?

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List the various vector functions used in ab initio with syntax.

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why Skew should always be 0 ? How to use in abinitio graph?

1 Answers   IBM, TCL,

what is hash file in abinitio? how will it read in abinitio? in hash file the data files r combine (file1.dat,file2.dat,file3.dat......etc) how will it divide?

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Mention what dedup-component and replicate component does?

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what is meant by fancing in abinitio ?

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how to prepare scd2 in abinitio

1 Answers   CTS,

What metadata importer can do in ab initio?

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How would you find out whether a sql query is using the indices you expect?

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What is AB_LOCAL expression where do you use it in ab- initio?

5 Answers   Cognizant,