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IN SCD1, insource we have 10 billion records and in the first day its uploaded successfully and in the second day its taking time to upload because some records it might get update or insert new records. As a developer what will be the better solution for this??

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How will restrict values in 0-9 and A-Z and a-z and special character.Only allowed these chars otherwise we will reject the records? what is the function we used to restrict...

3 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Let’s say I have more than have record in source table and I have 3 destination table A,B,C. I have to insert first 1 to 10 records in A then 11 to 20 in B and 21 to 30 in C. Then again from 31 to 40 in A, 41 to 50 in B and 51 to 60 in C……So on up to last record.

5 Answers  

we have 30 wf with 3 batches means 1batch=10 wf 2 batch=10-20 wf 3batch=20-30wf through unix First you have to complete batch ofter second batch have to run how can you do in unix?

1 Answers   Polaris,

Can we have a Mapping without a Source Qualifier?

14 Answers   Deloitte,

What is facttable granularity?

2 Answers  

what r the propertes of workflow? and write quary to select dept more ten employess in dept.?

2 Answers  

What is active and passive transformation?

10 Answers  

what is session override?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini,

How to transform normalized data to denormalized form in informatica? Is there any logic or any transformations to achieve this?

3 Answers  

Could any one to tell How to use the Oracle Analytic functions in Informatica?

1 Answers  

I have in my source Records like 100,101,102 etc. I have router transformation which has groups like one group is empno=100, second group is empno>99. Now i want to know my source record 100 loads into which group?

5 Answers   Span Systems,

hw to load this give the mapping? cty state o/p c1 s1 c1 c1 s2 s1 c1 s1 c1 c2 s3 s2 c3 s4 c1 c3 s2 s1 c2 s3 c3 s4 c3 s2 2 columns should be loaded to one column in target table?

1 Answers   Wipro,