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A 230 v dc series motor is connected to 230 V ac supply, then

A 230 v dc series motor is connected to 230 V ac supply, then..

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burn out

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an off load but energized 11/0.4 KV, 1250 KVA T/F has a power factor of 0.65(capacitive)..!! why is it so, though T/F being an inductive device ??

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Which one is correct mVA or MVA. Whether both the units are same for the transformer

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what current is taken from a double wound 500kva transformer

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List of equipments required foe industrial repair lab.

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What is the fuction of UV & how it works in circut breakers? is it one type of relay?

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What is the different between feeder & bus?

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What are the different power system losses and how can it be eliminated?

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Two CTs 1600/1 and 35/1 are in series. while checking the ratio test of a CT(1600/1),same 1600A will also pass through the CT having ratio 35/1. Will it be harmfull to the ct(35/1),if yes , what will happen.CT secondary is shorted

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Dear sir my name Ankit i m Diploma holder present working in Welspun Corp ltd Anjar as Asst.engg (salary 14400/month ctc) i Would like to change my company also i have selected in ford India pvt ltd Sanand as trainee Tech with salary 12000/month so please suggest me for changing my job hope for *ve response

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What is float cum boost charging system?

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Please describe HT and LT?

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How to know Resistance and Reactance value of main and aux winding of single phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor to find capacitor value?

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