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how to start the answer for question : tell me about ur
self ?

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how to start the answer for question : tell me about ur self ?..

Answer / gurmeet singh

Start with
My name is.....

I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering
from....... With .... %

And i have done my diploma from.... (If u have alos done
urs diploma too)

I have done my schooling from ... %.....

Currently i am working with...... (If fresher leave it)..

my field of ex[pertise is.......

(If inteviwer does not stop you.. i.e if he wanna to hear
more than....)

Say something about yours extra courses like.. CAD, or NDT
levels.. or any quality courses.. or whatever you have

yours major projects...

Extra curicular....

if in end you have said everything and have nothing to
say.... and interviwrs is just looking at you.. than
without taking a long braek.. just say.. "thats it sir"...

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how to start the answer for question : tell me about ur self ?..

Answer / ujjwal singh i.e.t agra

if d iterviewer has already addressed wid ur name den never
start ur intro wid ur name.... start wid ur present

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how to start the answer for question : tell me about ur self ?..

Answer / donald

Always start wit ur name....wat u doing at present.
Then comes ur qualifications from present to past and then
comes ur family background.
Do add ur hobbies and achievement only if u feel if u feel
front person is intrested to know.

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how to start the answer for question : tell me about ur self ?..

Answer / subinoy parida

it is really a very common question and i have also faced
the same in satyam campus.
we can start with saying...
"i am(name) pusuing my btech from(college name)under (univ.
as a person i have no likes and dislikes though it matters
i like honesty and dislike anything unprofessional.
i belong to a educationally and professionally well
cultured family where all the members are settled in their
personal and professional life.
then about the likes and dislikes and strength and weakness.
it should be very precise and to the point.

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