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What is meant by analogous system?

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Can anyone tell the proper diagram of star delta starter????

0 Answers  

What is a signal flow graph?

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what is the difference between the 94 lockout relay and 86 lock out relay. I have noticed that the 94 lockout relay is activated when the distance realy is activated and 86 is activated when the 87T differential is activated. but why can't the same lockouts be used for both the protection schemes

10 Answers   ABB,

What is the minimum setting in REF relay because i am facing some problem whenever power resumes after power failure my transformer is tripping because of REF trip. I am using CSPC make numerical relay(DIP switches). Now setting is 15 percentage. What is the reason for this triping. I sm waiting for answer

2 Answers  

Why RCD trips on connecting to one Socket but not trips one other circuit on same RCD.

1 Answers  

How does a tertiary winding filter harmonic(espcially 3rd one) from entering into load system?

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when a primary current injection test is required, it is accomplished by what?

3 Answers  

If a surge divertor is required to be protected by 32 amp C Curve Circuit breaker does this limit the amount of protection from surges that you will acheive

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What about electrical Units. discrive in detail

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What is the effect of solar radiation on the design of an Isolated Phase Busduct?

0 Answers   Exide, Punj Lloyd Ltd,

do we people experience any shock if we catch any one of the three phases (R Y B)in air with out touching ground.

7 Answers  

A CT is marked as 10VA 0.2FS in its name plate. What is it? Where it is used?

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