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Mascon Interview Questions
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Explain SD and MM Flow?

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should we include risk in Test Plan

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what is status of defect when you are performing regression testing.

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what is the scalability testing

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I have problem with connection between Database and Wireless device, plz send me a sample code.

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what do u mean by debit/credit memo invoices?

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1).what is the difference between below examples String s="vijay"; String s=new String("vijay");

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How to check the changes made in the standard layout set , other than using Utilities--- -> Print preveiw ? can u explain the different other ways to check it?


12) How to add Text Modules in SMARTFORMS?

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What are the tables using in diff modules like SD, PM, MM, QM AND FICO? give me some example names ? Do we need to use the existing tables in R/3 most of the time?

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I've one string with spaces ( I N D I A ). My question is I want remove the spaces & combine in to single string without space (INDIA).How we can write the cobol program & wich options we need to use. Please let me know.

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What is difference between Convert.ToString(variable) and variable.ToString()

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