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  • Fujitsu interview questions (31)

Fujitsu Interview Questions
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Name some translator and compile options and explain their meaning?


What are principles of good testing scripts for automation?

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can we call a procedure into another procedure?If yes means how you can pass the perameters for the two procedures?

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What is the routine used for rounding off in pricing procedure?

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what are the Joins used for internal Table?

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what is difference between checked and unchecked exception plz explain examples ?

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how can u handle runtime exceptions in java plz explain with examples briefly?

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what are the error tables in OM

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what are the types of universes? what is the difference between metri universe and simple universe? in what context we use metric universe?

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what is the difference btween olap and oltp?

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what is check pending option

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how can i print random rows in plsql table


how to write personnel calculation rules in payroll schema

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what is the differences between standard DSO and write optimised DSO and Direct update DSO.

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Why is bdc _cursor and GET_Cursor used?

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Fujitsu Interview Questions
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