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What is the hybridization at nitrogen?

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what is Lieberman's reaction(nitro to oxime group)

3 Answers   ChemBiotech,

why we need to synthesize impurities of midazolam

0 Answers   Lake Chemicals, Motherson,

Why some type of assays having limit 98% to102%? (if any compound having assay limit 100)

3 Answers   Asia Pharma, Reddy Labs,

can you pls provide chemistry previous papers for the post of trainee chemist in ap genco

0 Answers  

what is the zieglar natta catalyst

4 Answers  

Explain the differences between organic and inorganic chemistry?

0 Answers  

Which are the longest living cells in the body?

3 Answers  

formula of petrol?

2 Answers   Biocon, Reliance,

how we change 0.1N KmNo4 solution to 0.01N KmNo4 solution.

0 Answers  

How different substituents on the benzene ring affect the acidity?

2 Answers  

what acid present in milk

17 Answers  

What is the Difference Between 3M KCL and 4M KCL, WHy We are Filling 3M KCL In electrode Instead of 4M KCL

0 Answers   Mylan,

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