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What is a good method of steam tracing large vessels?

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How can wet carbon dioxide be responsible for a corrosion problem in iron-containing metals?

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what is extractive distillaion

6 Answers   ONGC,

What are the customization steps in sap?

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why GOD ALMIGHTY has made every living thing by water?

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How to calculate the release flowrates from pressurized gas systems?

1 Answers   Reliance,

Question 49 - According to rules of thumb in chemical process design, consider the use of an expander for reducing the pressure of a gas when more than 20 horsepowers can be recovered. The theoretical adiabatic horsepower (THp) for expanding a gas could be estimated from the equation : THp = Q [ Ti / (8130a) ] [ 1 - (Po / Pi) ^ a ] where 3 ^ 3 is 3 power 3 or 27, Q is volumetric flowrate in standard cubic feet per minute, Ti is inlet temperature in degree Rankine, a = (k - 1) / k where k = Cp / Cv, Po and Pi are reference and systemic pressures respectively. (a) Assume Cp / Cv = 1.4, Po = 14.7 psia, (temperature in degree Rankine) = [ (temperature in degree Celsius) + 273.15 ] (9 / 5), nitrogen gas at Pi = 90 psia and 25 degree Celsius flowing at Q = 230 standard cubic feet per minute is to be vented to the atmosphere. According to rules of thumb, should an expander or a valve be used? (b) Find the outlet temperature To by using the equation To = Ti (Po / Pi) ^ a.

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REACTION ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 13.3 : The half-life for first order reaction could be described in the differential equation dC / dt = -kC where k is a constant, C is concentration and t is time. (a) Find the equation of C as a function of t. (b) Find the half life for such reaction or the time required to reduce 50 % of the initial concentration, where k = 0.139 per minute. (c) When the initial concentration Co is 16 mol / cubic metre, how long does the reaction required to achieve the final concentration of 1 mol / cubic metre?

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what is the use of pressure filter?

7 Answers   TATA,

Hi, I am preparing for Indian Forest Service (UPSC). Can you please help me to get previous years question papers (Chemcial Engineerign) (atleast 5).

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Question 50 - An aqueous solution with 2.5 g of a protein dissolved in 600 cubic centimeters of a solution at 20 degree Celsius was placed in a container that has a water-permeable membrane. Water permeated through the membrane until the h - level of the solution was 0.9 cm above the pure water. (a) Calculate the absolute temperature of the solution, T in Kelvin, where T (Kelvin) = T (degree Celsius) + 273.15. (b) Calculate the osmotic pressure, P of the solution by using the formula P = hrg where h is level of the solution, r is density of water with 1000 kg per cubic meter, g = 9.81 N / kg as gravitational acceleration. (c) Calculate the concentration of the protein solution, C in kg / cubic meter. (d) Calculate the molecular weight of the protein, (MW) = CRT / P where R = 8.314 Pa cubic meter / (mol K) as ideal gas constant.

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What is Vacuum? If pressure is less than that of atmospheric, can we call it vacuum? If so some places have less atmospheric pressures, can we call people living there are living in vacuum?

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How much will be the increment for postal assistant yearly?

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