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A Datagrid, Datalist are ASP.NET data Web controls.

They have many things in common like DataSource Property ,
DataBind Method ItemDataBound and ItemCreated .

When you assign the DataSource Property of a Datagrid to a
DataSet then each DataRow present in the DataRow Collection
of DataTable is assigned to a corresponding DataGridItem
and this is same for the rest of the two controls also.

But The HTML code generated for a Datagrid has an HTML
TABLE <ROW> element created for the particular DataRow and
its a Table form representation with Columns and Rows.

For a Datalist its an Array of Rows and based on the
Template Selected and the RepeatColumn Property value We
can specify how many DataSource records should appear per
HTML <table> row.

In addition to these , Datagrid has a inbuild support for
Sort,Filter and paging the Data ,which is not possible when
using a DataList and for a Repeater Control we would
require to write an explicit code to do paging.

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