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What is server objects in

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What is server objects in

Answer / arpita malviya

The Server object is used to access properties and methods
on the server.

These are its methods and properties;
CreateObject: Creates an instance of an object
Execute :Executes an ASP file from inside another ASP file
GetLastError() :Returns an ASPError object that describes
the error condition that occurred
HTMLEncode: Applies HTML encoding to a specified string
MapPath :Maps a specified path to a physical path
Transfer :Sends (transfers) all the information created in
one ASP file to a second ASP file
URLEncode: Applies URL encoding rules to a specified string

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What is server objects in

Answer / vikas semra

Server Object bascially used to know about server.

Let's take an example

We just write server.transer("SomePage");

This What ever server is doing just stop processing
immediately and redirect to somePage.

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What is server objects in

Answer / rakesh

Server.transfer is like method callback
but the url name can't be changed
it will create annonymous actions while postback

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What is server objects in

Answer / jesse

data set and data reader

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What is server objects in

Answer / dennis

Asp is one of the most interesting concepts of ASP.Net.
ASP is derived from the Greek word ''which also means ASP.
A server means the person who serves food during dinner time or during lunch, but not during breakfast because breakfast is usually served by mothers.
Hence the server objects point to those objects or the food-items that are served by a waiter/server in Greece....

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