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which utility is used to update pds?

which utility is used to update pds?..

Answer / srinivas


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1)what is compilation jcl for cobol program but it is calling another program 2)what is compilation jcl for cobol program but it is calling another program(in this, main program is pure cobol but sub program is cobol+db2 program anyone please answer me for above questions. it's very urgent

1 Answers  

whats SOC7?

1 Answers   Patni,

In JCl which of this activities get executed if act002 abnormally terminates //job001 job ......... //act001 exec pgm=cobo01 //act002 exec pgm=cob02, cond=(01,le) //actoo3 exec pgm=cob03, cond=only //actoo4 exec pgm=con04

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Explain the function of a dd statement?

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Name a few IBM utility programs, and explain its function.

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IF we are calling a PROC from Jcl...This Proc have 3 steps in it and we want to execute only the second step using the JCL, How to do it?? Please give the answer ASAP:)

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how to allocate a dynamic dataset in jcl ?

3 Answers   Patni, TCS,

Explain the hierarchy levels in jcl?

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Explain about SYSVAR

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wht do u mean by inrec and outrec ?

1 Answers   IBM,

what is a null indicator in db2?

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How to print the Output to SPOOL using MSGCLASS and SYSOUT ?

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