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DSRC Interview Questions
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what's the biggest disadvantage of using a VSAM dataset?

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If FSPC(100 10 is specified does it mean that both the control interval and control area will be left empty because 100 % of both CI and ca are specified to be empty?

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how yo view the vsam file?

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Wrete a JCL to compare two files and mached records move to onc file & un mached rows wants to another file?

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how to create gdg with out using idcams utility

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Where is ViewState information stored?

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I have 100 records in a file.. i want to sort the records from 5 to 5o... give the syntax...

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I need to compare two VSAM files, both having 'number' as key. If there is a matching record, write the data into another VSAM file. How will it be possible.

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