What is your biggest regret in life?

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Why are looking for a change ?

5 Answers   TCS,


3 Answers  

are you comfortable working at nights.

0 Answers   Zensar,

Did you ask your current company to provide that type of work as you are looking for in Amazon?

0 Answers   Amazon,

What is the most difficult situation that you have ever faced in life?

0 Answers   Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase,

Why should I hire you from the outside when I could promote someone from within?

1 Answers  

Are you a team player?- Give example.

0 Answers   Allfon,

how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR.

117 Answers   Amazon, IBM, Syntel, HCL, CTS, Verizon, Satyam, HDFC, Accenture, College School Exams Tests, Allsec Technologies, Fresher, Asiapin Sdn Bhd, Brac Bank, GE Capital, Ernst Young, MBA, V3 Engineers, Soddisfare Technologies, DELL,

How long do you plan to work for this company? What reasons would make you leave a job?

0 Answers   HPCL,

How will you keep your manager informed about what is being done in your work area?

0 Answers   Bhel,

Why do you want to join HAL?

0 Answers   HAL,

How you prepare the CTS interview ?

1 Answers   CTS,