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Write steps of retrieving data using ?

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Write steps of retrieving data using ?..

Answer / senthil kumar

we can use two ways to retrieve the data from database
1 -> data reader
2 -> data adapter

when you use datareader
create connection object and open the connection
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sql,con);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
SqlDataReader sread = cmd.ExecuteReader();
String data1 = sread.GetString(0);
int data2 = sread.GetValue(1);
String data3 = sread.GetString(2);

when u use the dataadapter

create the connection and open
SqlDataAdapter sda = new SqlDataAdapter(sql,con);
DataSet ds = new DataSet();

then use can get the data in row wise or directly assign
the data to the controls through datasource.

i think its enough.If i did any mistake correct me.

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Write steps of retrieving data using ?..

Answer / sudheer lakkireddy

Take a gridview control in ur design
// give a connection string to database

sqlconnection con= new sqlconnection("conn");

//in button click event write following

sqldataadapter da=new sqldataadapter("select * from
dataset ds=new dataset();

try out this

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Write steps of retrieving data using ?..

Answer / ashokdahiya

We can retrieve data in following ways in .net
1st we have to create connection object through sqlclient or
oledb provider.then open connection
2nd We can choose datacommands or data adapter(by sqlclint
or oledb dataprovider //to oledb adapter //to sqlclient adapter
dim con as new connection
catalog=databasename;userid=sa;paswd=;data source=servername;")
dim query as string="select* from tabel"
dim ad as new oledb.oledbprovider(query,con)
dim ds as dataset
dim dt as new datatable()
dt=ds.table(0) //is for ist tabel
dim dr() as datarow //it is array becouse it contain all
rows and coulmn for table
dr()"") //blank for all coulmns and rows
for i as integer=0 to dr.length-1.tostring
if dr(i)("empid")=textbox.text then
dr(i)("lastname")& dr(i)("email"))
//it will add records of perticular row that matches to the
textbox text in listbox.suppose u enter a001 if it is valide
id then the all records of a001 r added into the list box.//

it will work fine.try thanks

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