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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / g.ramesh

DataReader is connected Architecture.

DataSet is Disconnected Architecture.

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / mukul anand

Datareader object is used to directly connect with the data
source and Dataset object is used to create a cache of the
original data source and then retrieve or update the date in
the dataset. It is a disconnected enviornment.

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / vivek

First of all both are used for storing data in the front
1)It is connection oriented.4
2)It is faster because every data must travels through this
object.Even dataset also accesses data through this object.
3)Its navigation is forward only and and read only object
4)It can not be connected to multiple backends at a time
because of connected oriented.
5)Data reader is having record pointer to point the record
6)At a time it can point to only record.
7)we can not know how many records are there in datareader
8) By default It does not point to any record
9)Always it takes recference from the Resultset in the
database.for every it goes to resultset and fetches record
from resultset.
10)By default it supports online update.
1)It is disconnected because it doesnot know about the
2)It is slow of its fat structure
3)It is useful for the offline retriving data.
4)It indepedent of Backend
5)Once the data is accessed it is independent of backend we
can make any modifications to that data.
6)Navigation is possible in any direction
7)It doesnot have the record pointer to point record
8)Logically we have to create record pointer.
9)It can have any type of data from different databases.
10)It uses "diffgram" to store the data in the form of xml
11)By default it supports Batch Sql update

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / tejas mer

DataReader is connected architecture and it's read-only, forward only type, so when you just want to display the data better to use it, it consumes less memory with compare to dataset as well.

DataSet is we can say in-memory representation of the data.
It's disconnected architecture.
Contains DataTables, which are further divided into Datarows and Datacolumns.
Also contains DataRelationships and Contraints...

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / sandeep singh shekhawat

Data Reader is forword only it read one by one row. when it reach end the table then need to another connection open for it. it object create by command object method execute reader.

Data set is used for disconnect approch.It can have more than one table.

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / anup kumar

DataReader works in connected mode means no data Manipulation
Possible. where DataSet Works in Connected and Disconnected
mode both.there is in-build memory in DataSet. it is
collections of Tables and Every table is collection of rows
and columns.

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / santosh

data reader is the connection oriented architecture, it is
forward approach, and its give more perfomanc, datareader is
only read the data.
dataset is the disconnection oriented architecture, it is
forward and backward approach and it is slow compare to
datareader, dataset is read and write.

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Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet?..

Answer / reetesh kumar

The DataReader is a important class of DataProvider
namespace and The DataSet is a also important class of Data

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