What is the magnetic susceptibility of a paramagnetic material?

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What are the characteristics of an ideal op-amp.

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whatis intersymbol interference

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1.Introduce yourself by telling your name ,SSC,HSC, degree marks n colleges,something about your family and interests. 2.Tell about your favourite subjects. 3.Tell how satelite communication works? 4.what you mean by handoffs in mobile communication.tel its types. 5.what you mean by signal fading?tell the factors affecting it and also tell the remedies to avoid it. 6.why the microwaves are used? 7.Draw the GSM architecture? 8.What u mean by Antenna?What are its basic components? 9.why you are interested to work in this company? 10.can you work anywhere anytime as per the our need?

0 Answers   NSN,

What is the internal structure of op-amp and explain each block in brief?

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What is the difference allen bradley and siemens plc

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What is a soft starter

1 Answers   RBM, OGPL,

please send me syllabus and exam pattern for aptransco(ECE)

0 Answers   Avalon, TATA,

what do you mean by junk yard,neo,meo,leo in satellite communications

0 Answers   DRDO,

hi friends, i have applied for oces 2010. can u give me a brief idea about the entrance exam which is gng to be held on may30th.Is the exam of technical or it includes aptitude? i am from ece stream.pls mail me at navinmsl@gmail.com

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ripple factor of full wave rectifier

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ripple factor of half bridge rectifier???

1 Answers   ISRO,

difference between cell and battery?

5 Answers   TATA,

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