if my flow is 20000 m3/h than which range of DPT i have to use????

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Good Evening all.My question is - For a feed water line to an equipment if i need to measure the flow we will use orifice /magnetic/vortex depend on cost/spec.If i need to measure a ''Alarm''signal and ''Interlock'' from one point i think we can use orifice type in one location with 2 different tapping points - one for alarm and one for an interlock to flow valve..If in case i need to have both these signals(Alarm & interlock) from magnetic flow meter,is it possible??will 2 seperate sensors will be located inbuilt r we can program it ??..i thk we can have one transmitter with these 2 signals...need to know any technical issues are there?pls clarify

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please send the hpcl (instrumentation) model placement papers to my mail....

9 Answers   IOCL, Invensys, ONGC, HPCL,

what is beta ratio?

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explain how magnetic flowmeter works

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what is piezoelectric transducer?give an example in power plant n state its principle?

0 Answers   Jindal,

Why 4-20mA SIGNAL IS PREFERRED OVEA A 0-10v signal?

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What is re-latch the manual trigger in solenoid valve

0 Answers   Valvitalia Systems Division,

what is dedband in instrumentation ?

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How ejector(or)evactor air pump is working in thermal power plant?

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what is a boiler tube leakage detector? ... what is the working principle ?

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Why the tapping connections are taking above for gas service and below for liquid service?

2 Answers   ADCO,

Explain bernoulli’s theorem.

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