if my flow is 20000 m3/h than which range of DPT i have to use????

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what is the difference between two wire transmitter and 4- wire transmitter

3 Answers  

I want to install analog type, flange mounted gas flow meter (line size - 2"), for CNG flow measurement.Kindly give some details of flowmeter or suppler name, available in India.

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Which types of quections asked in interview for FORMULATION PLANT (PHARMA)

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how can we calibrate RADAR LEVEL transmitter 0% to 100%

3 Answers   Chevron Phillips, Honeywell,

why generation of syncronized generator increases when frequency of grid is less then 50Hz & generation decreases when grid frequency goes up from 50 Hz, as comparision with set value entered in govering panel?

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Dear Sir/Madam, I am attending an interview for ETs in BHEL. I have cleared my written test under Electronics (Instrumentation). This is the first time I am appearing for an interview. Can any one who has attended the interview earlier give me a clue to face the interview. With regards Sindhu

2 Answers   Siemens,

what is datum line?

4 Answers  

Hi, Is there any smart plant instrumentation design training institute in Bangalore?

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Why integral control mode call Reset controller?

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What is the use of GMV in turbine?

0 Answers   Hamsco, Maruti Suzuki,

what is the zero and span trim?

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May I have a brief note above the voltage barriers? Whats is the purpose? Please mail me if you've operational details, mail id: rajkumar.diice@gmail.com

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