1 HT service how many LT Service

1 HT service how many LT Service..

Answer / selvam@gmail.com

1 HP service 25 LT Service

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how power is generated,and transmitted to our home..pls explain briefly in simple words.

0 Answers   HAL, Subros,

what is exiter winding,stator winding,avr?how it will work?

1 Answers   Siemens,

in GEAFOL Cast-Resin trnaformer of 11/.72kv which has tapping of 11550v,11250,11000,10246v in primary side. To obtain 700v. which tapping should be used of HV side as we have 11000v/720v tapping now .

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1.How to calculate backup time from series connected battery of 12v dc with 26Ah for 2battery?

3 Answers  

why u r living from presentaly working.

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I am in last year of Engineering.I want to apply for ONGC on GATE based score.They require Certificate of Competency as Electrical Supervisor.How can i get this certificate so I can apply for AEE(ELECTRICAL) in 2016

1 Answers   ONGC,

what is the effect of vector group while phase sequence of a generator changes,whether the vector group changes or not

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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines

4 Answers   ACC,

why dc source used for HV breakers and Relays operation?

2 Answers   Cethar,

How much area a lightning arrestor can cover?

5 Answers  

why there is a humming noise in transformer

8 Answers   Bhel,

Could explain briefly of over excitation in transformer.

2 Answers   NCC,

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